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The Little Red Berry Co.

70cl Lemon & Thyme Flavoured Gin

Vol 27%

Fresh Yorkshire Thyme and Organic Lemons infused in Yorkshire spring water combine to produce this London Dry  Flavoured Gin. This Spirit Drink has subtle undertones of lemon and an intense thyme piquancy this drink invokes the senses resonant of a British summertime garden

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Serve over ice, a wedge of lemon and fresh mint mixed with a Mediterranean tonic.

Or create a Greek Goddess; 25ml The Little Red Berry Lemon & Thyme Gin, 12ml Elderflower Cordial, a dash of lime cordial, ¾ soda water ¼ prosecco, a wedge of lime and fresh mint.

Chris - Lemon and thyme Having never drinking gin before (hated the juniper taste) I tried this lemon & thyme at a local food festival and thought it was really nice, so bought a bottle to bring away with us as my sister is a bit of a gin connoisseur !!! Let's just say, 2 days into the holiday and we've emptied the bottle. It's amazing !!!!! Will reorder as soon as I get home, and try and make it to other local events. Not sure how we will survive fir the next 5 days. AMAZING !!!!!!



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