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Jammy Sod!


We're being jammy sods - and we're not ashamed! 

We're managing to save ourselves a bit of brass and reduce our waste in the process so it's a double whammy - or you could say double jammy!

We're taking the left-over-spirit-soaked-fruits from our production process and making them into a range of tasty jams. 

In a bid to make less waste we decided to just make less in the first place! 

The first batch to drop early June is our Blackberry Whisky Jam - made with whisky soaked blackberries. 

We've experimented with it on breads, pastries & in desserts such as rice pudding & topped on ice-cream.  It was unbelievably moreish! 

We then ventured into a more unusual way of jam testing and tried it cooked on roasts, as a condiment with meals & muddled into cocktails... the verdict - we just couldn't get enough! 

The first trial batch didn't last a blumin' week - I'm not ashamed to say that I may have eaten a jar to myself with just a spoon. 

Anyway..... swiftly moving on we're not the best at blogs it just becomes more waffle, what we are good at is making Spirits ... and now jams apparently! - and they just so happen to both work well on/ with waffles so it all comes together in the end! 

Keep an eye on our socials for the Jam drop - we'll drop teasers soon & be sure to sign up to our mailing list you'll get exclusive behind the scenes, product launch info & other exclusives.


Bee & The Berry Team

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