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How The Little Red Berry Co stays green.


Ey Up!

As most of you know by now we started off in 2011 in a farmhouse kitchen with Gin, empty jam-jars & little red berries. We've always, personally, been environmentally conscious & we all know how important it is for everyone to do their part, especially when it comes to businesses, so here at The Little Red Berry Co we are always making a conscious effort to be more green. One way in which we did this is by rebranding and changing from plastic labels to paper. As well as being recyclable, they are much easier to remove from the bottles, meaning you can reuse the bottles at home! (They do make a lovely vase!)

We also do absolutely everything here by hand. This includes weighing and adding the ingredients, stirring every day, bottling, labelling, corking and sealing and it's been that way since the start!

Doing everything by hand means that we do not have any machinery on site, and less machinery = better for the environment! 

Waste is also a big environmental issue. We have been gathering our spent fruit ( the fruit that has been soaked in alcohol & used in our production) and trying to come up with ways to use it. We have previously worked with another small business who used the fruit to make a boozy compote for their baking, but we really wanted something we could do consistently, in house. So we are now back in the kitchen making boozy jams! This is a fantastic way to reduce our waste by making another delicious product & when you've eaten the jam - save the jar as it makes a great cocktail shaker, we've been using them since 2011!

We sent some of our Blackberry Whisky Jams to a few of our loyal customers as we knew they'd be completely honest with us when it came to feedback. We were chuffed to hear that they loved them, see the reviews below! 

"Thank you for letting me be a taste tester of this beautiful blackberry jam, all I can say is WOW!!! I'm literally obsessed, it's so so tasty" - Amy


“This is absolutely lovely, I've had it on toast every morning for a week!” - Marlene


“Blackberry Whisky Jam is amazing on a roast pulled pork dinner!” - Jessica


Keep an eye on our social media pages for when this will be released!


Bee & The Berry Team 

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