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Ey Up Vegang!

Did you know our entire range is accidentally vegan? We’re so chuffed about it we went and made our own logo to showcase it and you can spot it on the backs of your Berry bottles!

That said, perhaps you're wondering what 'Vegan' means? and how can something be accidentally vegan?

Well the word Vegan came from Donald Watson, founder of the vegan society. He coined the word in 1944 as a statement against vegetarians who ate dairy products such as milk and cheese. Donald took the first & last letters of 'vegetarian' to create 'vegan' and created an orthodox version of vegetarianism. Bet you didn't know that! (Neither did we, we blumin' love google!)

Vegans remove any animal products from their diet meaning there's no dairy or meat consumed and some vegans won't eat honey or wear things such as leather. Seems straight-forward to be a vegan & find vegan options right?


Within the food & drinks industry in particular you would not believe the amount of things you'd expect to naturally be vegan that actually aren't - take some brands of orange juice for example - I can honestly hear your inner monologue ''it's just oranges how can that NOT be vegan?'' well there surprisingly are some brands that will add lanolin (from sheep wool) or fish oils for added vitamins & omega acids. Pretty wild!

The same goes for the Spirits industry! You'd just assume that alcohol such as Gin, Beer, Wine and Vodka would automatically be vegan when the reality is that it rarely is. Some companies will use animal products in the production of Beers, Wines & Spirits or in the products themselves. Things such as carmine & cochineal - a dye made from crushed scaly bugs used for colourant or things such as isinglass - derived from fish bladders usually used as a filter/ fining agent can be typically used.

Now I don't know about you but, for me personally, I like a large amount of ice, tonic, pink grapefruit & fresh rosemary in with my Gin not fish bladders & crushed scaly insects!

We never set out to be a vegan brand or company in all honesty but that's why we call our range accidentally vegan as it was exactly that, an accident. We use fresh fruit & herbs and wherever possible these are sourced from local farmers & foragers from around Yorkshire we even use British sugar & Yorkshire water in our production & products. Having an accidentally vegan range is great as it means everyone can enjoy our handmade Yorkshire Spirits with added peace of mind!

Pictured above is our 'Drunken Brew' a cocktail that a local independent mixologist helped to create for us it's vegan & made with predominantly Yorkshire ingredients all you need is:

30ml of our handmade Raspberry Gin Liqueur

15ml lemon juice

10ml orange & ginger cordial

Top with Northern Monk Uprising IPA (Vegan Beer)

Shake the Gin, orange & ginger cordial and lemon juice over ice in a large jar or shaker until you see condensation forming on the outside then pour into a large Gin glass filled with ice and top with Northern Monks Uprising IPA then all that's left to do is sup & enjoy!

Now you've had a good old read about Veganism if you are trying Veganuary this year (it's never too late!) have a look at our Vegan range & easy cocktail recipes - hopefully we've inspired you.

Ta for reading,

Bee & The Berry Team.

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