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Dry Jan? or Damp Jan?


Ey Up! 

It's that time of year again when we see our social feeds flooded with the 'new year new me' posts and lots of resolutions! 

It can be an overwhelming time for some while it may feel incredibly productive for others. 

It's got to be about balance, that's what I think! 

Ease yourself into the new year, new challenges & go with the flow... talking of flow, are you a dry Jan participant or more of a damp Jan participant? 

For me this January is all about damp Jan, not Dry Jan, I'll be happily supping on our handmade Gin Liqueurs (I'm very partial to our Raspberry Gin Liqueur) That way it feels less restrictive but I still feel like I'm taking part, in my own little way!

I saw a post recently from a local independent micro-pub also talking about the pressures of The New Year especially around dry Jan & how this affects them & their business.

The post went on to summarise that the last thing needed after a pandemic, lock down, energy bills soaring & overall price increases was a Dry Jan & their outlook was ''if you fancy a pint, go for a pint'' because a lot of pubs will shut without the backing of the community & it is absolutely right! 

As an independent business ourselves we know exactly how they feel. So this year if you don't want to participate, or feel the pressure to - just don't! Have a damp Jan just like us and many other folk, get down to your local pub or bar or have a bit of the Berry at home. 

'Enjoy the Little things' is something that we live by and no years resolution or social pressure will change that. 

Have a good one folks, 


Bee & The Berry Team.

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