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Shocked by the Berry!



Mel here!

Well, where do I start?

I got introduced to The Little Red Berry Co at Christmas time last year - I found a bottle of Pink Gin in a posh wooden gift box as a Christmas pressie off the boss!

Not bad eh!

So Christmas came and went in a flash due to the family getting a mild bout of the corona, so I hit the Gin with its medicinal purposes of course!

One sup and that was it!

Me and the hubby, before we knew it, had more or less drank the whole bottle- not in one day of course!

We were so shocked by just how smooth it was and how much flavour it had as well- we just had it with ice and tonic water. So, with this I then got a small bottle of their London Dry Gin and again I was shocked - it was not bitter and so smooth - you could really tell it was going down well!

I have also since had the pleasure of being invited to a Gin tasting event at work that The Little Red Berry Co hosted!

I was driving so I had to be careful but during this event we had the pleasure of understanding the science, history & knowledge behind Gin & it's story, which was great, then we were shown how to make cocktails with Gin, I will say I had a little sip and was impressed by this!

Its nice to be able to add stuff to a drink to experience a mouth full of fun!

I have since had their Damson and their Elderflower and Cucumber Gin and both are ones to definitely get again- I will never go back to commercial Gins ever again after trying theirs!

I also have to say that I purchased a T-shirt from The Little Red Berry Co - and I'm impressed as it has not faded, washes well and I love wearing it knowing I am promoting the Red Berry too!

Thanks again!


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